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Free Cotton Tote Gift Bags with Purchase

 Saturday, December 19, 2015 at the Market Cafe

Having trouble finding the right gift?  Look no farther than the Market Café!  On Saturday,
December 19, 2015 from 9 am to 3 pm at the Market Café located at 614 N. Bullard St. free
cotton tote gift bags will be given with a gift purchase of $25 or more.

Let us help you put together a gift bag.  We can make one up for a coffee, tea, or chocolate lover,
a gift bag with kitchen items for your favorite chef, a totally Made in New Mexico bag, a fun gift
bag for children, and many more.  We can take the stress out of holiday giving and you will have
a nice reusable gift bag too!

Traditional Aceto Balsamico of Monticello Tasting at the Market Cafe

Free tastings of a New Mexico grown organic balsamic vinegar will be held on Saturday,
December 12, 2015 from 11 am to 2 pm at the Market Café located at 614 N. Bullard.

There is a very special farm in Monticello NM, making a very special product that is now
available at the Market Cafe.  The Darland Company LLC makes America’s only traditional-
style, organic, aged balsamic vinegar.

Steve and Jane Darland planted the Italian white grape vines more than 20 years ago in their
certified organic farm. “We brought the vines in from Italy; they are the same grapes that Port
wine is made from,” stated Steve at the recent tasting of the vinegar during the Market Café’s
grand opening. “We are one of the few producers in the world that grows their own grapes.”

The only ingredient in the balsamic vinegar is the juice from the old Roman white grapes.  “We
also brought in casks from Italy to age the vinegar in our vinegar loft.  To be a traditional
balsamic vinegar, it must be aged at least 12 years.  Right now, our balsamic vinegar has been
aged 18 years.  Each small bottle contains the climate-condensed juice of 200 pounds of estate
grapes. Or it holds the viscous remnant of enough free-run juice to make 55 bottles of wine.”

“Grocery store balsamic, which is what Americans are used to, is made with red wine vinegar
and caramel and can be made in minutes; it is not a true balsamic and frankly is just a sweetened
‘fake.’ Once you try the real thing, you’ll understand the difference – it’s like the difference
between salmon eggs and caviar.”

At the tasting held during the Market Café grand opening, people tasting the vinegar stated it was
like a flavor explosion in their mouths.  It has the consistency of molasses, and you only use a
drop or two on plated food.

Jane stated, “In Italy bottles of this vinegar are given at special holidays, weddings, and
anniversaries.  It is so valued, that bottles are passed down from one generation to another.  It
may seem expensive, but there are several hundred servings in each bottle and that is how one
bottle is passed down.  It is only used during special events.  Bottles of comparable quality in
Italy sell for three times what we sell our vinegar for.”

It is the Edible magazine 2011 “Artisan Product of the Year” for New Mexico.   And the May,
2011 Bon Appétit magazine calls it one of the “best artisanal Italian pantry staples in the U.S”.
Ruth Reichl calls this balsamic “rare and wonderful” on her food blog.  Margot True, food editor
of Sunset (2012) says, “Each sweet, silky drop explodes with flavor.”  Doug Fine in New
Mexico magazine (2012) said, this balsamic “made me understand why people become
Epicureans – my culinary life changed forever.” Saveur (2009) named this among the world’s
Top 100 products, saying “It’s worth the splurge.”  The primo U.S. food magazine, The Art of
Eating (2014) in praise, says our balsamic is “less an imitation of Italy and more a reflection of
New Mexico”.

“We also make a “condimento” vinegar, which is our balsamic that is aged less than 12 years.
Ours is special because we mix the younger vinegar with some of the traditional.  The result is a
balsamic vinegar with a depth of flavor reminiscent of a port wine.”

Both the traditional and condimento are available to taste on December 12 from 11 am to 2 pm.

Cookie Exchange!

Ring in the Holidays with a Cookie Exchange! at the Silver City Food Co-op’s Community
Forum on Thursday, December 10, 2015 from 12 noon to 1 pm

The December Community Forum will be a fun filled cookie exchange!  Bring several dozen of
your favorite holiday cookies and copies of the recipe to this free program on Thursday,
December 10, 2015, from 12 noon to 1 pm in the community room at the Market Café located at
614 N. Bullard St.

The Co-op will provide plates and refreshments for the cookie exchange.  Bring your favorite
cookies to share and go home with a plate of many more types of cookies.  It’s a fun and tasty
way to get more cookies for holiday gathering and to learn new recipes.  Please bring copies of
your recipes to share and to alert others to possible food allergies.